ASANA: yoga poses for strength, flexibility, alignment, physiological activation and optimization.
PRANAYAMA: harmonizing the breathing.
YOGA NIDRA and MINDFULNESS: yogic focus and awareness, relax, recover, discover, love, evolve yourself.
KRIYA: yogic cleaning routine techniques.

Live classes take place in the South of Tenerife, online classes with the free application Zoom.
Languages Italian, English, and Spanish.
For participation is required a preliminary private interview (by phone, online, or live).

I am a regular practitioner of Hatha yoga, meditation, and other internal yogas since 1988, as well as a certified multi-certified instructor of Hatha Yoga. My teaching experience started from 2014.
Yoga has proved to be a winning remedy against some serious pathologies that have affected me and I firmly believe that sharing my experience can inspire and benefit others.

I practice and wish to disseminate practices based on creating independence, health and well-being, rather than fighting disease and pain by delegating responsibility for my condition to third parties.

Birth of a passion: when I was a child, at school, in the hour of gymnastics, the teacher occasionally made us do a very simple yoga. I was fascinated by it and so yoga became one of my favorite games. I attended my first formal yoga classes since 1988, when yoga was not very popular. I learned in many schools in Italy, Thailand and India (places where I traveled for years), experimenting with different styles, but the bulk of the practice I developed by myself, practicing daily and having myself periodically supervised and corrected by experienced practitioners.

Since 1988 I have studied and practiced meditation in the context of the Vajrayana, Buddhist Tantra, Dzog Chen and Bonpo Tibetan and Theravada traditions, participating in numerous intensive practice retreats, both group and individual, under the guidance of Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche and other renowned masters . Since 1991 I have also practiced the Yantra Yoga of Vairochana, coming from the living and uninterrupted lineage of Tibetan yoga, a style dating back to the eighth century that includes the main asanas also used in classic hatha yoga, but systematized to train the breath: it is one advanced yoga style, in motion, focused on energy and connected with the tradition of Dzog Chen.

Over the years I have developed a non-sectarian practice by choosing not to limit myself to a specific school and working with the circumstances that life has proposed to me. My Yoga practice has therefore adapted to my needs and the real circumstances of my life, becoming a teacher was a further natural development of this path which is still evolving today. Hence the particular attention I give to teaching in open, pragmatic and elastic different ways of practicing based on factors such as age, physical-emotional conditions, mentality, needs, desires, predispositions, climatic conditions and other contingencies.

I am currently continuing my studies and practices on the physiological and therapeutic aspects of Yoga, pranayama, and meditation, but also on natural nutrition, holistic medicine, and respect for the ecological environment, well aware that we are neither owners nor guests, but an integral and interacting part.

My most signifying Hatha Yoga teachers are Acharya Doctor Ashutosh Agarwal (InteYoga, Mysore) and Acharya Venkatesha (Atma Vikasha, Mysore), but I learn also from other yogis. My most signifying teacher of meditation was Choegyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche.

  • Intensive training Yantra Yoga
  • Basic and first-level Santi Maha Sangha with Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche
  • TTC 200 hours (Teacher Training) Yoga Shanti with Acharya Noah McKenna
  • Intensive back-bending diploma at Atmavikasa Center of Yogic Sciences with Acharya Venkatesha
  • Therapeutic Yoga applications, anatomy, and physiology with Doctor Acharya Ashutosh
  • TTC 200 hours (Teacher Training) with Doctor Acharya Ashutosh and Shiromani Kadambari
  • TTTC 300 hours(Therapeutic Teacher Training) with Doctor Acharya Ashutosh and Shiromani Kadambari
  • Intensive Chakrasadana with Doctor Acharya Ashutosh and Shiromani Kadambari